The Home Stretch

We’ve just reached $1,000 (50% of our funding goal) on our kickstarter page! There’s only two and a half hours to go before the project closes, and if the funding goal of $2,000 is not met by 9:00pm EST, then unfortunately we do not get to keep any of the $1,000 that was raised for our upcoming short, FRIGG’S OATH. So please visit our kickstarter page and pledge if you can (no amount is too small!), and if you can’t, then please spread the link around!


New Website

After some issues with our web host, we’ve finally switched to a new one and revamped the site, including the URL. Instead of, our official website is now We’re hoping there’s a way to make it so going to will forward you right to the new URL, but for the time being this will have to do. Check out the new site!

Artists Wanted!

As you may know, we are starting production on a short film based on the epic Norse myths. We are currently seeking talented artists for conceptual work. If this interests you, please email us at with your resume, samples of your work, and your usual rates. If you know someone who might be interested, please spread the word. And please go here to help us raise funds for the film!

Thank you all so much for your support!

Norse Myth Film Update – Please Help!

Please help support our upcoming film, based on Norse myths, by going to our kickstarter page. No amount is too small!

Click to visit our kickstarter page!

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a first draft screenplay! We’ve been talking about this film for over a year, but now we can actually release some info! Below is the official synopsis:

Baldur, the most beloved of the Norse gods, is plagued with baneful dreams. With each passing night, the dreams grow worse and eventually prophecies his death. When news of this reaches his parents, Odin, the all-seeing god of wisdom, and Frigg, the lovely goddess of mothers, they set out to prevent Baldur’s death at all costs. Despite their strenuous efforts, which takes them all throughout the nine worlds, the desperate parents soon learn that no one can escape fate’s iron grip. Not even gods.

This is a story about a parent’s love for their son, and those parents doing everything in their power to save their son, even though they know they can’t. It’s a family drama at heart, with gods as characters and a touch of magic.

The film’s release date is slated for April 2012, but in order to make such a large-scale fantasy film, we need to raise a decent budget. If you can, please help us!