More Concept Art!

Below the cut are some more concepts for FRIGG’S OATH, courtesy of the amazing Berdian Torres!

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We’ve Found Our Leading Lady!

After two long casting session and days of careful deliberation, we have finally cast our leading lady in our upcoming short, FRIGG’S OATH. We’re pleased to introduce Miriam Pultro as Frigg! We’re so excited to have such a talented actress portray the Beloved Lady. Stay tuned for more casting news – next week we will be casting Baldur.

New Website

After some issues with our web host, we’ve finally switched to a new one and revamped the site, including the URL. Instead of, our official website is now We’re hoping there’s a way to make it so going to will forward you right to the new URL, but for the time being this will have to do. Check out the new site!


We really hate to be a buzz kill, but due to a recent “event” we feel the need to remind everyone of copyright. All films, scripts, and artwork on our website, on this blog, or anywhere else on the web under our name, unless otherwise stated, is copyrighted property of VuduPins Productions and cannot be used in any way, shape or form without our explicit permission. We will not hesitate to take the appropriate legal actions against violators.

If something in our work catches your eye and you would like to use it in your own creative way, feel free to email us to ask for permission. If your concept will take our work and make it your own rather than blatantly copying it, we will be more than accommodating.

Thank you!

Script Update

Almost finished with the new script, just need to write the conclusion and we’re good to go! We’ve already cast the lead, Jessica Renee Russell, who I’m sure you’ll all recognize because we cast her in like everything we make since she’s so brilliant. We’ll probably shoot in about two or three weeks (most likely April 16th and 17th). We’d like to shoot earlier, except we’re waiting on getting access to a doctor’s office and waiting room, which is proving difficult. There’s the alternative of making them ourselves, but we’ve been trying to find ways to do that and it’s harder than you’d think… Any suggestions?

No worries though, we always find a way! 🙂

EDIT: YES! We may have found a doctor’s office to shoot in!