F*ckYeahNightmares Episode 1: No Clocks In Hell

The first episode of our new horror series F*ckYeahNightmares is here! This episode is based on a submission to the FYN blog, No Clocks In Hell.

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Hiatus Update

We’d just like to update you guys on what’s been going on, as we know we’ve been very quiet lately.¬†We’re happy to report FRIGG’S OATH screened at the Dusty Film and Animation Festival in New York on May 8th, 2012 and was well received. However, after the screening we realized there were some tweaks we wanted to make before we officially considered the film complete. We don’t want to release the film in its entirety until these changes are made, as we want to give you the best possible quality we can. We hope the tweaks will be fully completed by early 2013.

We thank you for your patience!

FRIGG’S OATH Set Pictures

We started shooting FRIGG’S OATH on Monday and we’ll be wrapping this coming Monday. Today we’re shooting the green screen portion of the film today, which we’re really excited about. Check out our first official picture of the lovely Miriam Pultro as Frigg:

The Beloved Lady

To see more set pics, click the links below:

Day One Set Pics (Fort Tryon Park – 11/7/11)

Day Two Set Pics (Church of the Intercession – 11/9/11)

Day Three Set Pics (Fort Tryon Park – 11/10/11)